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 Psychotherapy Services PLLC


(In-person and Telehealth sessions offered)

Life can be full of surprises, with many unexpected ups and downs. Sometimes relationships, career, and life in general do not unfold as expected.

Using different therapeutic modalities, psychological services have helped many understand and work through the emotional roadblocks that can cause struggle and get in the way of leading a full and rewarding life, such as diverse forms of anxiety and depressive moods. Therapy sessions will help you improve your social, relational, interpersonal, and occupational functioning.


An essential feature of this approach is that a person and the therapist develop a unique and trusting relationship. In this safe, non-judgmental environment, a person's difficulties are discussed, and we explore attendant problems, history, relationships and goals. 

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During psychodynamic sessions, the person will learn to manage difficulties in a more adaptive manner; experience improved interpersonal relationships, productivity at work; and develop new insights about his or her thoughts, feelings and behavior.


Sandra Lugo is a:


NYS Licensed Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker

NYS R-Licensed “Psychotherapy Privileged” Practitioner

Doctoral Program at Capella University

Psychoanalytic Training Institute for Mental Health(2007)

Degrees from NYU:

Adult Psychotherapy Training (2004)

Master of Science in Health Policy Management MS (2002)

Master of Social Work  LCSW-R (2001)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology  BS (1997)

Associates of Arts  AA (1994)


412 6th Avenue

New York, NY 10011

Between 8th and 9th Street


Buzzer 501/ 5th Floor

Contact number: 718 831-6567

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