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Family Therapy

Family therapy is essential when working with members who have conflictual problems. Improving communication between family members by helping parents, along with the extended family, understand how conflicts can be resolved through improved communication, often results in significant improvements in the family dynamics.


If there is one fundamental element in a child's life that improves their chances for success in school and life, it is strong family bonds with positive, constructive communication. The need for such a change is not an indictment of the parents' abilities, it is simply a part of the therapeutic process that will help family members better work with each other.


Family members can dramatically improve their relationship with each other. Improved family interaction then creates an environment where positive behavioral change is possible.


The therapist will provide parents with the information that they need, while also working hard to safeguard the trust that the other family members and therapist have placed in them.


Effective psychotherapy takes effort, commitment, and trust. Some children and adolescents avoid psychotherapy because they are afraid to discuss experiences or behaviors that may cause them emotional pain. While such a discussion be difficult, it is the beginning of truly understanding oneself and making the changes that bring about a greater sense of happiness.



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